terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2011

Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun !!!!! look for ward weekend,, ops!! no

ignore the Friday's lyrics ¬_¬
this is a amnoying joke,, but it's fun

call phone blowin up: ♪♪♪
- dude: Hello??
- mister x: is from Sami's haus???
- dude: who is there?
- mister x: Sami it is u?
- dude: wtf, who is Sami???
-mister x: Sami na ni na eh eh waka waka eehe eh, this time for africa....

created by Lucas Markezine silly really LOL

Hey DudE ☺/ xek out plis!

Patrick Kaway,, my friend from Brazil,, he lives in my neighbor state, u your empty hours he make videos cover from Tokio Hotel,, OUR LUV *---*  it's impossuible dont luv it , isn't?! by the way, i resolve to post one video when he sings the single FINAL DAY,, ah,,, who wants view more,, see his channel at utube http://www.youtube.com/user/JAPO100 .

quinta-feira, 28 de abril de 2011

news about Rock In Rio 2011 \☺/

Sad,, Tokio Hotel not crow here again..at least at Rock in Rio :(
and I have other sad notice,,, Rebecca Black will sing beside Justin Bieber :s
WHT #$2@3$5#$ ... sorry about that,, i don't want to go to Rock in Rio this year :(

terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2011

segunda-feira, 4 de abril de 2011

Nathy,,, my friend,,, i am so pround for you....

....... i guess u are the best Bill Cover and u is clever n very pretty,, SUCESS for u ,,, I and more people admire you. keep on.

the Georg's BD here in Brasil,,, we celebrate together \o/

This comemotation was here in brasil with the th fans,,,  I LOVE EVERYONE FOR SHOW THE LOVE THAT WE HAVE.... thx u guys ... São Paulo

quarta-feira, 30 de março de 2011

Happy Birthday Georg Listing

31-03  > TODAYYYYYYY!!!!
let's celebrate 2gether guys \o/ 
anyway,, Georg was born at Halle an der salle - Germany, at 31st march 1987, today he makes 24 years old
CONGRATULATIONS GEORG, we fans loves you.
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>she's called Cristiane Gomes, 14. my friend and a big TH fan,,, her prefer    music is TOTGELIEBT and she is fan since 2010.

segunda-feira, 28 de março de 2011

Me and Bill Kaulitz by Tokio Hotel;; n_n

Congratulations Rebecca Black

....well, Rebecca Black is a new singer,
see her clip:

ow before y see hear video,, i say for you and for her : Congratulations Rebecca Black,,, for discovered that friday comes before thursday, and after friday comes saturday and sunday ¬¬

anyway,, in this music you also learn  that for walk in a car is just wait it in a bus stop,, hehehehe

domingo, 27 de março de 2011

Katty perry? WTF?!

Katy Perry?
What is this, some kind of voodoo?!

Ah yes, that girl who thinks Bill 'so gay' :s , but even sings what song? wow, I kissed a girl.
Katy Perry, who is 'so gay' now?

One Tokio Hotel fan

A TOKIO HOTEL ... Respects all the fans;
A TOKIO HOTEL ... Loves loves TH;
A TOKIO HOTEL ... Does not accept criticism of TH;
A TOKIO HOTEL ... Protects the other TH;
A TOKIO HOTEL ... loves to sing the songs of TH;
A TOKIO HOTEL ... live without fear of making mistakes;
A TOKIO HOTEL ... screams when she sees some picture of the TH;
A TOKIO HOTEL ... cries when listening to their voices;
A TOKIO HOTEL ... It is considered a fan of Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav;
A TOKIO HOTEL ... daydreams (a) with them;
A TOKIO HOTEL ... Always gets around to put the TH in any
A TOKIO HOTEL ... Always cries when he hears some music from them, not
caring about time or place;
A TOKIO HOTEL ... TH always talking at school;
A TOKIO HOTEL ... TH writes the whole book;
A TOKIO HOTEL ... TH has posters in the room;
A TOKIO HOTEL ... He loves to talk like your favorite TH is Beautiful

And above all, A TOKIO HOTEL ... is not ridiculous (a) is not silly (a) and very
less child ...
A TOKIO HOTEL .. Always will love them forever, and neverleave
TH ....

sexta-feira, 25 de março de 2011

my cat is so CUTE :#

let me introducing my cat,
he's is male and called xulepa,,, ahahaa funny name, isn't? 
he likes sleep the all day and eat to much,,,


Gambling nothing, no black cat brings bad luck, that's racism.
black cat is so cute >.<

terça-feira, 22 de março de 2011

Automatic - performaced by ME,,, are you listened? BY ME

ow I hope u like b'cause in this video my english is bad but i gueess you get it,, also, i sang this song alone despite my group know it just only had one microphone :/ 

JUMBIE,,,, reaaly bill loves the Jumbie,, like me, *---*

own,,, *--* i saw this piC and i see that the love between bill and jumbie is a true love,,, i think so cute,,, check out

segunda-feira, 21 de março de 2011

PC siqueira mention Bill Kaulitz

PC Siqueira is one of the comedy man of Brazil and he post videos among the internet,, in his twitter, he comment about Bill kaulitz : see 
Let me translate:
i think for example, that the Tokio Hotel's lead singer is higher than Kurt Cobain when Kurt was alive

domingo, 20 de março de 2011

I learned with Harry potter::::

1 - with Gryffindor, I learned that courage is fundamental to us all;
2- with Slytherin, I learned that i have to go after what I want;
3- with ravenclaw, i learned that the intelligence is the best gift of the human;
4- with Hufflepuff Hufflepuff, i learned that the loyalty is the bigger merit;
5-  with Cedric Digorry i learned that indifference those that say about me and about my group, i have to give the best;
6- with Luna, i learned that i have to be myself;
7- with hermione i learned that just the knowledge isnt enough, we need put in pratice all our knowledge
8- with Gina Weasley i learned that the love goes right, but we need wait for it;
9- with albus dumbledore i learned that we have to fight untill the end;
10 - with Rubeos Ragrid, i learned that i dont gotta get afraid of the wild animails because the humans are more dangerous;
11-  with the Weasley's family i learned that money isn't everything;
12 - with Roney Weasley i learned that we can realize our dreams;
13 - with Lilian and James Potter I learned the power of parental love;
14 - with Lord Voldemort i learned that the people without love, friend and family haven't reason to live;
15- with Harry potter i learned to protect my friends;
16 - with Severus Snape i learned what's  promisse ;
17- With Harry and Hermione i learned that friendship between boy and girl without bad intentions exist
18- with Rony, Hermione and Harry i learned the most important, what means FRIENDSHIP;
with the HP saga i learned that exist magic and that i get magic inside me,because it i'll never forget about Harrpy potter , this saga changed my life and, and everything that i learned i'll remember forever, I'll  love HP forever

nice pics that i found in other blogs,,, so fun n amazin'

He is Tom,,, for those who dont know,, he's  the guitarist of Tokio Hotel,,, i think this picture is so amazing and i decided post in my blog,, have a long time that i don't  write in my blog,  but now i'm back with all power.

sábado, 19 de março de 2011

i find it in a friend blog

Then I thought that everything was Black,
and that Love Was Dead, they Rescued Me.
When I was On The Edge,
and I wanted to Break Away, they told me Don´t Jump.
They told me to Scream it out loud,
and when they said Ready Set Go, not even 1000 Oceans could stop me.
They told me to Live Every Second as if it was The Final Day.
But most important of all,
they told me: I am By your Side and to me you´ll be forever Sacred. ~ ♥ ~
 -----------Lucas Markezini