domingo, 20 de março de 2011

I learned with Harry potter::::

1 - with Gryffindor, I learned that courage is fundamental to us all;
2- with Slytherin, I learned that i have to go after what I want;
3- with ravenclaw, i learned that the intelligence is the best gift of the human;
4- with Hufflepuff Hufflepuff, i learned that the loyalty is the bigger merit;
5-  with Cedric Digorry i learned that indifference those that say about me and about my group, i have to give the best;
6- with Luna, i learned that i have to be myself;
7- with hermione i learned that just the knowledge isnt enough, we need put in pratice all our knowledge
8- with Gina Weasley i learned that the love goes right, but we need wait for it;
9- with albus dumbledore i learned that we have to fight untill the end;
10 - with Rubeos Ragrid, i learned that i dont gotta get afraid of the wild animails because the humans are more dangerous;
11-  with the Weasley's family i learned that money isn't everything;
12 - with Roney Weasley i learned that we can realize our dreams;
13 - with Lilian and James Potter I learned the power of parental love;
14 - with Lord Voldemort i learned that the people without love, friend and family haven't reason to live;
15- with Harry potter i learned to protect my friends;
16 - with Severus Snape i learned what's  promisse ;
17- With Harry and Hermione i learned that friendship between boy and girl without bad intentions exist
18- with Rony, Hermione and Harry i learned the most important, what means FRIENDSHIP;
with the HP saga i learned that exist magic and that i get magic inside me,because it i'll never forget about Harrpy potter , this saga changed my life and, and everything that i learned i'll remember forever, I'll  love HP forever

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